Vetus Søvandsfilter FTR470 - Ø25 mm

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The cover of the water strainer type FTR470 is transparent, allowing easy inspection for blockages. It is removable by simply unscrewing a single central knob. The strainer can be easily mounted using the separate wall bracket and can be rotated 360°to align the hose connections. The polished stainless steel mounting bracket clamps it securely in place.
Mere information
Indvendig slange dia. (mm) 25
Housing Polypropylene GF
Filter element HD Polyethylene
Cover Polypropylene GF
Size D in inches, see drawing No Data
Internal hose diameter (inches) 1
Recommended input (gallons/minute) 24
Internal hose diameter (mm) 25,4
Recommended input (litres/minute) 91
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